Hey Kiddies, It’s Jihad Mickey

You have to to hand it to the Palestinians. They certainly understand the impact of early indoctrination and don’t hesitate to use it, no matter how repugnant.

From the same folks who routinely run a music video that features a real-life mother preparing to blow herself up in a suicide-bombing, while explaining to her daughter, who will never get to know her mommy, why she did this “heroic” deed, we now have a Mickey Mouse knockoff proclaiming to Palestinian school children that  “we are laying the foundation for the world to be led by Islamists” during a popular children’s TV show on Hamas TV.  Okay, hardly a catchy jingle, but the message is what is important here.

Hamas sponsored Al Aksa TV pulled the show but only when it came to light outside of the Middle East. If not for the negative publicity, one can rest assured that the program would have continued unabated. Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti called it a “mistaken approach” and stated that the TV network was placed “under review.” Yeah.

Jihad MickeyThe show featured a near Mickey Mouse lookalike (apparently Palestinians aren’t too concerned either about copyright infringement, which is a minor issue when you consider the greater goal of indoctrinating Palestinian youth into their army of homicide bombers) in a near Mickey Mouse voice, encouraging young viewers to call in and sing Hamas songs about defeating Israel and its Western allies.  The almost-Mickey would then heap praise upon the little callers for their enlightenment. What a country.

All of this should come as no surprise however from a region where official textbooks teach children that Jews are directly descended from pigs. Hatred seems to form the basis for life in Palestine and in other Middle East countries dedicated to the elimination of Israel and the United States. It is ingrained from the time children are able to crawl and reinforced through the glorification of suicide-bombers.  

It will take several lifetimes, if ever, to overcome the hateful thought being forcefed upon innocent children who grow up filled with ignorant hatred.

It is important that leaders of the free world understand the insidious nature of what we are up against in fighting such vile hatred.  

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3 Comments on “Hey Kiddies, It’s Jihad Mickey”

  1. Militant Mickey Mouse

    Israel teaches its children about the Holocaust and its right to exist, with disregard for the genocide and oppression of Palestinians.  Every Israeli child grows up knowing it will be required to join the IDF to defend…

  2. Jamal Says:

    a little biased here!

  3. jerryselleck Says:

    Dave: Go to http://www.thefire.org as a good source for college speech codes.

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