Why Do You Think They Call It “Illegal?”

Maybe I just don’t get it. Or maybe I need to stop applying logic when trying to figure out the arguments of those arguing, no make that demanding, that illegal immigrants have rights and protections under U.S. laws. You see, to my way of thinking, if you made it to this country illegally then you broke the law and should not be here. Right? Simple. Slam dunk. End of argument. Goodnight!  Well, not quite apparently. 

Last week we were treated to the spectacle of rallies across the nation (although the rallies were significantly smaller than last year) from right here in Detroit to the apparent illegal immigration hotbed of Los Angeles. The marches featured the usual supply of left-wingers looking for a cause, any cause, so they could feel important. Which raised another thought, namely, are any of these professional protestors actually employed or am I supporting them with my tax money? Oh well, that is an issue for another day. 

The rally in Los Angeles received significant media attention when police were forced to use riot control methods to disperse the crowd which had initiated the confrontation by hurling rocks and bottles at the police. One organizer of that rally blamed it on “anarchists” who had infiltrated the rally. Should it not give pause to the rally’s organizers that their “cause” is attracting anarchists? Should this not be a signal that maybe it’s time to reevaluate your position? It seems to me that a lawless brigade of anarchists may not be the best vehicle for convincing Americans that illegal immigrants are simple, law-abiding, honest folks.  

I was also completely dumbstruck over the arguments being made by the protestors. The main point that these protestors seemed to be trying to drive home is that we should immediately grant citizenship to the thousands (millions?) of illegals because, well, they have families to support here (and elsewhere) and perform such a valuable service to our society. Really? 

They trotted out the tired argument that these illegal immigrants perform work that Americans choose not to perform. Of course there have never really been any verifiable studies to support such an assertion. I suspect that if the illegals were properly deported today that those jobs would indeed be taken up by the legal denizens of our nation. 

Our country is a nation of laws. We are expected to follow the laws or face the consequences. Granting citizenship to our illegal guests would only serve to further undermine the very fabric of what makes our nation so great. Yes, our nation was built on immigrants, no make that, legal immigrants. 

We have a defined methodology for becoming a United States citizen. I have seen the naturalization process at work and it really is a touching experience to watch the dedication that honest, hardworking immigrants put into becoming a citizen of our nation. The study and the dedication and the pure joy of taking the Oath of Citizenship is quite possibly one of the most emotionally satisfying moments someone can experience. Those who follow the legal methods of entry and citizenship should, and are, warmly embraced by our nation. 

In these post 9/11 days, it is mind-boggling to imagine people actually supporting illegal immigration and postulating that illegals have rights and protections under our law. The recent arrests of six Muslim extremists (boy does that sound redundant) who were planning attacks on our troops at Fort Dix should only bring this home further. It is believed that several of them were here illegally. 

Illegal immigration is one of the most pressing issues for society today. Not all illegal immigrants enter this country with the overt intention of inflicting harm on us, but illegal immigration does have a deleterious effect on our country no matter how it is parsed. From undermining our laws to the most overt threats, illegal immigration is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

We have the laws in place. The question becomes, do we have the courage to enforce our own laws?

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One Comment on “Why Do You Think They Call It “Illegal?””

  1. jerryselleck Says:

    Dave: I couldn’t agree more. It hasn’t helped that the problem has been ignored for decades, saddling us with millions of illegal immigrants, who apparently have weaved themselves into the fabric of our economy. The numbers are mind-boggling, and therefore, any solution is downright oppressive. This is a great example of the ‘camel’s nose in the tent.’ We’ve let so much in, for so long, it is very difficult to remove. It is the difficulty, and expense of building walls, rounding up and deporting, etc., that cause so many citizens to justs throw up their hands and say ‘amnesty for all!’ However, this short sighted and cowardly view just doesn’t cut it.
    1) Such a move will invite MORE millions across the border.
    2) This is abhorrent to the millions waiting, processing, and trying to get to the USA legally.
    3) We want quality control of the immigrants coming in, as we always have.
    4) The illegal immigrant pipeline, is also a drug pipeline.
    5) The Dems dream of millions of new liberal voters, once amnesty kicks in.
    6) We begin to live by the adage: ‘if the law is difficult to enforce, do away with the law.’ This is great news for those who want to legalize marijuana and cocaine, who want us to follow the same line of thinking. We are becoming a nation of citizens who live by what is easy, not what is right.
    7) If reducing illegal immigrants raises the price of lettuce, I’m ready to pay it. We already have the cheapest groceries in the world anyway.
    The only solution is expensive and messy: Build a wall. Penalize farmers and other employers of illegals. Deport by the busload. Beef up the border patrol. Stop benefits to illegals. We won’t stop all of them, but we can stem the flow.

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