Iraq Just Another Political Game To Dems

You have to admire the Democrats in Washington for their consistency if nothing else.  It’s all about power and elections for America’s party of the left and nothing more. In their world, whatever tactic is necessary will be pursued if it means reclaiming power and their media cohorts will be there to help them, marching in lockstep.

Today you will hear a lot of bleating from the party of the left about Iraq timetables, funding and “standing with the American people,” to quote Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The reality is that the Democrats have cleverly timed the arrival of a supposed Iraq funding bill to arrive on President Bush’s desk exactly four years to the date after President Bush appeared on deck of a US Naval carrier in celebrated acknowledgment of the downfall of Saddam Hussein. Think the timing is coincidental? Hardly. Commercials are already running by Democratic party front groups making the connection between this misguided bill and the anniversary of the President’s appearance.

The bill itself of course is frought with danger. The bill attempts to hamstring our efforts in Iraq by placing a date on troop withdrawals and threatening to remove funding for our troops should these timetables not be met. Even during the height of the Vietnam War (the Democrats’ favorite bogeyman), Congress never removed funding while our troops were still in combat.

While we all can acknowledge a desire to see an end to the conflict in Iraq, setting a timetable would be catastrophic. The enemies of democracy, and those seeking revenge, would simply pull back and lay in wait, knowing the exact date when they could attack without fear of reprisal. What greater disservice could we provide the new government of Iraq than to abandon them to the mercy of the enemies of democracy? Well, give the enemies the exact date and time at which they can attack.

The war has not gone as well as anybody would have liked, but this is real life and a real war. This is not war waged on a Sony Playstation or on a computer. Real war means things do not go according to plan.

We need to maintain our resolve and not cut and run when things turn ugly. It means standing tall in the face of adversity, something the Democratic leaders in Washington seem to have forgotten, or more likely, never learned.

In recent weeks we have seen the spectacle of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi donning traditional Muslim head garb while telling the leader of Syria that Israel was willing to open diplomatic relations. This caused Israel to immediately refute Pelosi’s statement. Following hard on her heels, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared to America that the “war is lost.”

It seems that the Washington Democrats are more interested in undercutting the morale of our troops while cozying up to the enemies of democracy, all in an effort to appear to be appealing to the American public. Don’t be fooled.

In pushing the latest Iraq spending bill, which thankfully President Bush will veto, the Democrats have shown their true colors by stuffing it with over $20 billion in pork. They howl that their patriotism should not be questioned yet stand hand-in-hand with the enemies of freedom while pushing a dishonest bill. How else should they be judged?

Sometimes the mirror is the harshest critic. Right now the Democrats are avoiding the looking glass like a leftist avoids Fox News. But you can’t hide from the facts and the fact is that while the Democrats froth over potential political gains, our troops are being used as pawns for their own gain.

Just another game of politics.

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3 Comments on “Iraq Just Another Political Game To Dems”

  1. OpEdna Says:

    “Today you will hear a lot of bleating from the party of the left about Iraq timetables, funding and “standing with the American people,” to quote Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.”

    In last week’s CBS/New York Times poll, 71% of all American adults disapprove of Bush’s handling of Iraq, 64% believe a timetable withdrawal is the correct course of action, and 57% believe Congress should have the final say about troop levels in Iraq. (

    You accuse Democrats of “Standing with the American people,” which by the definition of our Constitution is the job of every member of Congress. If you’d rather join the 29% of people who support Bush and not the will of the American people, be my guest. But I don’t believe Democrats (and the two Republican Senators who voted with them) should be chided for doing what they were elected to do.

  2. While I certainly do not support Bush whole heartedly get a clue folks. Bush was standing on that carrier telling them that they had accomplished their mission. As anyone with even a smattering of knowledge about the military would understand. Not that the war was over.
    The point being that the left is all about politics, and power. Not about what is right and correct.

    Just a note for OpEdna; When the American Revolution started, it is estimated that 20% of the populace supported the Revolution. By your apparent logic, we should all still be British subjects.

  3. jerryselleck Says:

    Dave: The low numbers for support of the War in Iraq don’t surprise me. We don’t have much stomach for a war in which people die, and it doesn’t help that the liberal media uses this war to smear Bush. Although I acknowledge that the ‘people have spoken’ in the last election, I don’t think they’ve been given good information. Nevertheless, I don’t know how much longer Bush can fight the daily car bombs, the media, and democrats vying for position. People just want this war to go away, and could care less about anything deeper or wiser.

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