The Shame of Senator Edwards

Just when you didn’t think Senator John Edwards (aka Senator Blow Dried) could get any lower, he comes out swinging, lowering himself further into the political cesspool.

By now everyone is aware that, tragically, his wife’s cancer has returned. Elizabeth Edwards, who had previously revealed at the end of her husband’s failed vice presidential bid in 2004 that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer is now about to undertake another bout with this terrible disease. The mother of two faces the fight for her life.

Fast forward now to 2007. John Edwards, a truly vapid politician that many had probably long forgotten about, is running for President. His campaign though lags far behind the frontrunning campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. It seems that a pretty smile, a full head of meticulously coiffed hair and a glint in the eye may not necessarily be enough to catapult Edwards’ narcisstic presidential plans and this presents Edwards with a real dilemma.

Substance over form has never been Edwards’ strong suit.

The good Senator has, as I am sure you have noticed, had no compunction about trotting his ailing wife out in front of TV cameras, holding numerous press conferences and feature interviews with the likes of Perky Katie Couric (that is her full name, isn’t it?). Without his wife’s cancer, Senator Edwards would certainly not be front and center in the attention of the press. In the past three years Senator Edwards has accomplished less than have the Detroit Lions and the United Nations combined. In other words, Senator Edwards has not even been a footnote during the past three years and during his entire Senatorial career, has been an even bigger non-factor.

For those who wonder how he got to be a US Senator, it is quite simple. Senator Edwards made a veritable fortune as a trial lawyer. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but consider that he made millions by successfully suing praticing obstetricians for alleged malpratice using nothing more than emotion and junk science. Senator Edwards you see found the ultimate boogeyman for traumatized parents desperately trying to understand how their child had become afflicted with cerebral palsy.

As an “advocate” attorney, Edwards won record setting verdicts and out of court settlements, driving out many practicing obstetricians. The increased cost of malpractice insurance alone drove many physicians out of their chosen field.  You see Edwards had convinced sympathetic juries that the cause of the affliction of cerebral palsy lied in errors in treatment during labor.  Edwards had struck a blow for the common man! A man of the people was born. Except for the fact that the theories that he prevailed upon have since been debunked as junk science and leading researchers now believe more than ever that the cause of cererbral palsy lies in genetics.

But those pesky facts came along too late to make a difference. Edwards had made his millions and parlayed his reputation as “a man of the people” into a US Senate seat. Did I also mention that Edwards managed to skirt over $500,000 in medicare taxes?  After all, 63 lawsuits tallying $152 million was all that mattered.

So is it any surprise really that Senator Edwards will now use his wife’s cancer to further his political goals?

His wife is about to embark, literally, on a fight for her life. Her cancer has spread to the bone, one of the most painful and among the highest mortality, of any cancer. At a time when Senator Edwards should be prepared to abandon his blind political ambition and be next to his wife’s side as she fights this brutal disease, he instead sees only opportunity. This is after all no time to abandon his campaign. If anybody could afford to take a leave from their “job” would it not be the Good Senator? Would that not be the decent and right thing to do? But, in Senator Edwards’ world, this is just another way to promote yourself. What a great angle! This is too much of an opportunity to pass up. Why step off the campaign trail now and be by your wife’s side?

It’s all about opportunity for a man consumed with personal ambitions. Opportunity to take away some of the media momentum from the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, opportunity to play for sympathy, opportunity for himself.

Hopefully America will now take this opportunity as well. His homestate of North Carolina did in 2004 when he failed to carry the state during his vice-presidential bid. Now the rest of the nation may see the real John Edwards.

Vapid, self-absorbed and willing to use his wife’s cancer to further his presidential bid. Sadly though, is anybody truly surprised?

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3 Comments on “The Shame of Senator Edwards”

  1. Mike Richmond Says:

    Chris Spielman for president!

  2. Mike Richmond Says:

    I figured you would be the only one to get that.

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